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It’s hard sometimes, finding the words to express how we feel when we have to say goodbye to someone we love.

We want to say so many things. We want to express how grateful we are to have known someone, how much we will miss them and how much they contributed to our lives.

It seems like we have such a short time to say so much.

After many years creating speeches for weddings and special occasions including wedding vows, I began to assist people with Eulogies and In Memory tributes for anniversaries of those passed.

By learning more about your loved one and what you want to say, I am able to create an original poetic speech or tribute for print, which will capture your feelings and help celebrate the life and memories of your friend or loved one.

A Eulogy, Anniversary or In Memory tribute; absolutely inspired by your dearly departed.

Recorded tributes, voiced by you or your family can also be created for those who can not be there, or for distribution on personal websites.

In Memory tributes can be created within one or two days, once all information has been received.

Due to the personal nature of In Memory, your own tribute will never be displayed on our website.

However, I am happy to share with you some select personal tributes which have been created for friends and family over the years. You can view these here.

Remember, every tribute is as different as the person we are dedicating it to. So for more information, please contact me directly for a consultation with confidentiality and care.

Lisa Burton

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